The West Bengal state government has come up with various schemes to empower the poor and to enable them to reach a higher ledge on the economic ladder. To make this happen, the state government has launched a wide array of hopes for a better tomorrow going on for them.

For this to happen, the West Bengal Government has initiated some schemes which will prove useful to the people of Bengal to keep up with soaring prices and a post-pandemic world that isn’t proving any kinder than being amidst a pandemic.

The West Bengal Nijashree Housing Scheme online application form 2021

Housing is a basic necessity for all, and receiving assistance with this integral human need goes a long way for all. In these times, people can barely make ends meet enough to bring food to the table.

The West Bengal government, through the implementation of this scheme, ensures that those categorised as poor in the state have a roof over their heads. Through the implementation of the scheme, the West Bengal state government invites applications for 1BHK and 2BHK flats. With this, the poor people who fall in the lower-income group (LIG) having less than ₹15,000 income and middle-income group (MIG) having monthly income of less than ₹30,000 can now apply for housing in the state.

If their application does go through, they can

The West Bengal Khadya Sathi Scheme 2021 Online

The people of West Bengal have found it difficult to arrange for food at reasonable rates, considering how the prices of goods seem to be skyrocketing. Paying heed to their struggles, the West Bengal government is inviting applications for the Khadya Sathi scheme through which people can now apply at the official portal, or even offline through a Duare Sarkar camp. The state government has launched the West Bengal Khadya Sathi scheme in January 2021 and it has impacted roughly about 7 crore people by offering them rice and wheat at ₹2 per Kilogram.

The scheme would further be extended by offering subsidies to 50 lakh more people by offering wheat and rice to them at half the market price.

Summing it up

Through these schemes, the people of West Bengal can finally breathe a deep sigh of relief. Such schemes are not the end of the line for the poor in West Bengal as the state government is implementing several more schemes for public welfare.

With the implementation of such schemes, people now have a backing in these difficult times which have proved to be cumbersome even to those who are well-to-do. These schemes aim to offer not just financial support but aim to offer a platform on which the poor can build a livelihood for themselves. By meeting their most basic human needs, the state government equips people to aim higher and make something for themselves through which they can free themselves from the vicious cycle of poverty and indulge in the privileges a well-to-do life has to offer.

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