With the onset of the pandemic, businesses have taken a hard hit. Entrepreneurs feel largely discouraged to carry on with business, as the profits are too meagre and losses too huge. This discouragement affects the national economy in the long run.

In an attempt to resuscitate the economy at the state level the Uttar Pradesh government has a plan. It is to enable them with ease of carrying on business, the Uttar Pradesh government has launched the Nivesh Mitra Single Window portal.

About the Uttar Pradesh Nivesh Mitra Single window portal

The Uttar Pradesh government wishes to offer a one-stop solution to entrepreneurs in the state and the implementation of the scheme will largely enable them to do that. Entrepreneurs can log in at the official portal – which is a free and consolidated payment platform which also enables them to monitor the status.

Objective of the Nivesh Mitra scheme

The main objectives of the Scheme are mentioned herewith:

  • To make compliances easier and a lot more user-friendly
  • To enforce regulatory reforms
  • To ease the investor facilitation process
  • To deliver quality services in a transparent manner
  • To bring about end-to-end digitization of departmental processes, which will cut operational time in half and bring out further ease of running a business

UP Nivesh Mitra Portal Online registration and login

Here is the complete procedure to register and log in on the Uttar Pradesh Nivesh Mitra Single window portal:

  • Visit the official website of the Nivesh Mitra window portal
  • On the homepage, click on the “Register here” link at the “Login” window as shown here
  • Afterwards, the UP Nivesh Mitra Entrepreneur registration form will appear as shown here
  • On this page, the entrepreneur will have to enter the company name and entrepreneur name, mobile number, email ID and finally click on the “Register” button to complete the registration process

Using this facility, people in Uttar Pradesh can now set up a business, using the new Single Window portal.

Features of the Nivesh Portal

  • The scheme is an entrepreneur-friendly application that enables the ease of doing business in the State of Uttar Pradesh
  • The scheme is designed to be a transparent, unified, one-stop solution for investor on-boarding and time-bound delivery of business services.
  • There is online access, document submission and processing of application forms for setting up industries and enterprises
  • Moreover, there is a provision of the Common Application Form (CAF) for applying to pre-establishment and pre-operation clearances and approvals.

Summing it up

Running a business in the face of a pandemic is always tedious. With governmental support, however, things do get easier. Over the years, this scheme and its impact will be felt as businesses flourish and have a robust system in place.

Businesses come with risks, and that is definitely not news. But now, things are more difficult than ever before, but as they say, “brightest of days come after the darkest of nights”.

It is only a matter of time before things get back to normal. Until then, this scheme and its aftereffects should help entrepreneurs get by in Uttar Pradesh.

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