With the onset of the pandemic, things have gotten increasingly digital. Worldwide, businesses and institutions have taken their usual state of affairs on cloud storage, and have realized that business models and school curriculums can work digitally as well if given the right set of resources.

The Uttar Pradesh government, paying heed to this need for rampant digitization, is going to launch the free tablet scheme 2020-21.

Students in the state of Uttar Pradesh can now apply for the scheme and get laptops and tablets which will enable them to log in to their classes and continue their academics in a seamless fashion.

Agenda of the UP Free Tablet Yojana

In order for children to carry on with their studies and elevate their financial status, completing their academics in a timely manner is of utmost importance. But with the pandemic setting in, schools all around the world had to remain shut which has affected the studies of those who could not hop on to the e-learning bandwagon.

There are several families in Uttar Pradesh, who are victims of the wave of unemployment that has swept the nation. For these families, making ends meet itself stands to be a major challenge. To help these children get access to their schools so they can finally get around their studies, the Uttar Pradesh government has started the scheme which will offer free laptops and tablets to children from poor families.

Eligibility criteria for the Tablet Distribution Scheme

For students in Uttar Pradesh to avail the benefits of the scheme, they would have to adhere to the following criteria:

  1. The applicant student must be a permanent resident of the state of Uttar Pradesh.
  2. All candidates must make UP Laptop/Tablet Yojana 2020-21 registration only after having successfully passed the 12th grade.
  3. Uttar Pradesh Tablet yojana online form should ideally be filled only by those students who are taking admission in reputed colleges or universities which are likely to be well-digitized when it comes to the implementation of its curriculum.
  4. Any meritorious girl or boy child would be considered eligible for the Free Tablet yojana, without any discrimination on the basis of gender, caste, or creed.

Registration process for the Free Tablet distribution Yojana

With the scheme implementation in yet its nascent stages, the government of UP is still working on creating an efficient website that will be able to take the load of applicants who are sure to apply for the scheme in large numbers. For the time being, interested applicants can apply to their nearest CSC Centre or Seva Kendras for free.

In Conclusion

Offering the right tools to students in times of crisis may actually go a long way in helping them carve out a future for themselves and their families. These are trying times and the ones who have suffered the most are the poor. With the right education, students have a chance to break the everlasting vicious cycle of poverty and create a dignified life for themselves and their family members.

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