Farmers usually end up getting the worst end of the deal when it comes to sustaining themselves. As most of their livelihood depends on environmental factors, which at the moment, are unpredictable, it gets really hard for them to make it on a day to day basis. 

To make it easier to reach out to such farmers and implement intervention strategies, the government of India created a portal for them to reach out to the government. One such example is the UP Agriculture site.

How does this site benefit the farmers?

Once the farmer registers on the website, the farmer is contacted through whichever means they are comfortable with and are trained on how to deal with everything that threatens crop production – right from drought-like conditions to floods. 

They are even briefed about various agricultural equipment and are taught of various methods to achieve maximum yield, using those types of equipment. More or less, it is like a refresher course on farming, in the wake of trying circumstances. 

Other benefits in the scheme

The farmers are also provided with Farmer Credit cards and they are also soil testing is done for them after harvesting or when the crop is still standing. Soil testing is also done once in every three years before the onset of the crop season, or even when the moisture in the soil seems to be at its very least. 

In conclusion

To ease out farmer’s lives, the government has a brilliant initiative in place, which helps the farmer reach out to experts whenever times get difficult. For further information on the same, please visit the site:

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