Women empowerment often begins at the humblest of roots. Over the years, governments all around the world have tried to localize empowerment efforts so that people are informed and made aware of what to do to empower women.

One such state government to allow that is the Tripura government, where women have, for the longest time, faced oppression and lacked opportunities that enable them to outdo themselves and earn a name of their own in the society.

The state government, in the light of empowerment efforts, has approved the proposal for free sanitary napkins to all girls from class 6th to 12th. Under the implementation of the scheme, girls studying in schools will be provided with free sanitary pads to ensure better menstrual hygiene.

Objective of the Kishori Suchita Abhiyan

The main objective of the Tripura Kishori Suchita Abhiyan is to enable the free distribution of sanitary pads to girl students so that it opens up a dialogue regarding menstrual hygiene and fights the stigma usually surrounding the topic.

This turns out to be a great icebreaker of an initiative, as the government opens up platforms for debate and discussion surrounding women’s hygiene which in turn creates overall awareness.

Moreover, the government will conduct awareness camps in several schools in the state for boys as well, so as to create a healthy mindset on menstruation across genders.

The government will make sanitary pads available in schools thereby making it very accessible to girls.

Impact of the scheme

The Tripura cabinet on 20th January 2021 gave the green light for providing free sanitary pads to girls in grade 6 to grade 12. According to statistics, a total of 1,68,252 students will be covered under this new scheme titled the Kishori Suchita Abhiyan.

The cabinet estimates a total investment of ₹3,61,63,248 from the state’s treasury during a period of three years.

Summing it up

Women have found it really hard to address the issue of personal hygiene for the longest time, especially in really regressive areas of the nation were talking about periods itself is taboo.

With this scheme, the government is trying to open up a healthy dialogue around the topic so that women are no longer ashamed or embarrassed to talk about something that is inherently natural.

Tripura has been in the shadows for a really long time, but with this scheme in place, Tripura has instantly come on to the radar for having progressive ideas in place for women empowerment. Women empowerment has been a topic that has not been addressed in the country for the longest time.

However, with the direct efforts of some activists in collaboration with government agencies, women now find themselves having the confidence to put out their demands and have those demands met. In the long run, this would prove to be incredibly great for the nation, as a country that is following progressive norms has a better chance towards a brighter future.

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