With the pandemic making income a major issue, the ever-existing problem of unemployment has just gotten from bad to worse. The youth of the nation, when do not get an opportunity to earn a livelihood, not only is exuberant youthful energy wasted, the national economy plunges to depths unknown. 

What is the Training of Rural Youth for Self Employment?

It has been noticed that rural youth fail to bag a decent job simply because they lack the skills or the training to perform the said job to its fullest. The simple solution to this problem is training rural youth. The government of India, therefore, launched the scheme Training of Rural Youth for Self Employment or the TRYSEM. 

Objectives of the TRYSEM

The main objectives of the TRYSEM are:

  1. Providing technical skills to rural youth especially to those falling below the poverty line and who find it really hard to find a decent job to pay off their debts and elevate their social and financial conditions
  2. Enabling rural youth to take up self-employment as an opportunity and exploring the larger fields of agriculture and other allied activities. 

Features of the TRYSEM

  • The TRYSEM became the “self-employment for youth” faction of the IRDP and experienced mass implementation across 5000 blocks in the country
  • The identified youth will go through a period of training either in a training institution or being trained under master craftsmen 
  • The duration of the training is flexible and depends upon the type of course

Summing it up

The employment situation might be dicey at the moment, but with TRYSEM’s relentless resolve, no trained individual will pass through without a chance to earn his or her means of livelihood. 

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