A democracy basically is where people have their voice and that they have a platform to express their desires openly to the government. In the absence of such a portal, the government ends up being ignorant to the needs of the masses, thereby failing to do a good job at public service and eventually falling out of favour with them.

The Tnreginet Registration Guideline Value EC view is an attempt by the Tamil Nadu Government to reach out to the people and allow them to express their problems. The Tamil Nadu State government in collaboration with Tata Consultancy Services has created a portal for the people of Tamil Nadu so as to avail all government services under one roof. The portal was made for the registration department by the name Tnreginet Inspector general of Registration and the official website for it being TNreginet Registration.

How to sign up for the benefits of TNreginet Registration Guideline Value EC?

For the citizens of Tamil Nadu to take advantage of Tnreginet Registration Guideline Value EC, they must ideally register on the portal.

How to register at the TNReginet portal?

  1. Click on the official website of the Tnreginet Registration Guideline Value EC.
  2. On the home page, you will find the drop-down menu
  3. The next step is to select User Registration from the options that show up
  4. The registration form will open in a new tab and you will have to read the note and the password hint
  5. The applicant would have to fill in all the necessary fields including User Type, User name, password, date of birth, address, ID card number, etc.
  6. The applicant would have to fill in the captcha code carefully
  7. The applicant would have to fill in the OTP received on your email ID or mobile number and click on the option Complete registration.

How to check any document status online on the TNReginet?

  1. Visit the official website portal services.
  2. On the bottom of the website, there will be an option that reads, “Know your application status”.
  3. After the page loads, click on the link that reads “Document Status”.
  4. There will be three options that come up:
    A. temporary deed number
    B. Pending Number
    C. Registration number
  5. Select any one of these options, as per your need.
  6. Click on the search option and you will be able to see the live status of your document.

Helpline Details

The TNReginet services come with a free helpline service in case you feel stuck at any step. This customer service helpline is available from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM or from 10 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays. The helpline number is 1800 102 5174.

Alternatively, one can even get in touch by calling 044-24640160 or 044-24642774.

If you are more comfortable with mail, you can reach the helpdesk: [email protected].

In conclusion

To make the best use of the services offered at TNreginet, one needs to register and be rest assured that any query posted here will be attended to. This portal encourages dialogue and healthy dialogue that allows democracy to be stronger.

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