Over the years, with the influx of digitisation across several walks of life, governments all over the world have deemed it useful to digitise several governmental procedures as well. What used to be done manually can now be done online, in the comforts of one’s house, especially with the pandemic around us, this seems to be quite the need of the hour.

People in Tamil Nadu can now book their sand order through the official website which has been launched by the Tamil Nadu government for the convenience of the people. The state government offers the people the choice to go ahead with the quality of sand they would wish to opt for through the online procedure.

Salient features of the Tamil Nadu Sand Booking Portal

  • Public entrance: with the help of the TNSand, the public basically gets the choice to opt for the quarry that is suitable to their needs and can make a reservation for it.
  • Truck owner entry: the site will basically enable truck owners to register their lorries as well. With the help of this site, truck owners can also select the quarry that suits them and they can also know the serial number and the date allotted to them for sand extraction.
  • Interface: with the help of this public site, people can know the details of the waiting time of booked lorry, the serial number of the booked lorry and the date of sand extraction so as to avoid crowding at the site and also to curb unlawful practices like sand extraction with unregistered lorries.
  • Notice: With this site in effect, all details regarding the sand like date, and other relevant details will be sent through email and mobile number to keep the concerned parties informed and duly reminded.

TN Sand Quarry Vehicle List 2021

Here is how one can go about checking the status of their vehicle registration:

  • Visit the official TNSAND website at www.tnsand.in
  • Then, on the right-hand side of the homepage, the applicant has to click on the “General people” tab to open the TNSAND booking page.
  • Then, click on the “Vehicle List” option on the left side as shown above:
  • The candidate can select the name of the district as shown below
  • Finally, the candidate can click on the “Get PDF” button to open the Tamil Nadu Sand Guest Vehicle list PDF.

Summing it up

This scheme proves to be useful to a lot of people who have, up until this point, gone through this whole procedure manually. The commotion it creates and the largely unorganised nature of the task definitely hurt businesses across Tamil Nadu, which is why the TNSAND scheme comes off as a boon to many entrepreneurs in the state. With the digitisation of common government procedures, the state governments are getting abreast with the latest technology and also ensuring that the benefits set out for the people are a lot more accessible so that more people can benefit from them and create a living for themselves.

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