Pongal is one of the main festivals in the South of India. It is celebrated with much aplomb all over Tamil Nadu. To extend support to the festival and to allow people of all economic classes to enjoy the festivals with the same zest, the Tamil Nadu government has announced a package for the people of the state.

Tamil Nadu government is offering ₹2500 to rice card holders.

The TN government Pongal gift hamper

The allocation of the Tamil Nadu Pongal hamper which is issued by the Tamil Nadu government will commence from the start of January 2021. Financial assistance will be provided to rice holders and an amount of ₹2,500 will be offered to the people who are eligible for the scheme.

The objective of the scheme

Due to the nationwide lockdown, people have lost jobs and means of income. People have found it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. Just managing to bring about basic sustenance to the household has proven to be quite a task.

In the wake of this worldwide situation, people of the country would lack the enthusiasm to celebrate festivities. To acknowledge this and offer some avenue where people can dare to celebrate festivities that are so dear to them, the Tamil Nadu government has issued the Tamil Nadu Pongal Hamper 2021.

The main objective of offering this hamper is to allow people with rice cards some financial assistance to get by their days and to be able to celebrate their festivals without any guilt or concern looming over their minds.

Features of the Hamper

The hamper is filled with some interesting things to help the people of Tamil Nadu celebrate Pongal well.

Here are some of the features:

  1. Financial assistance of ₹2,500 to each rice card holder
  2. The government provided hamper will include 1kg of raw rice, 1kg of sugar, 1 piece of sugarcane, 20 grams of cashew nuts, 20 grams of dried grapes, and 5 grams of cardamom.
  3. According to statistical records, roughly 2.06 crore people in Tamil Nadu will benefit from the scheme. Those who have a rice card will be provided with a Pongal gift hamper
  4. The distribution of the Hamper will begin on January 4th, 2021.
  5. Apart from the money and the eatables, the beneficiaries will also be getting a dhoti and a saree for free.

Eligibility criteria for the Pongal Hamper

In order to avail of the Pongal hamper, the applicant has to adhere to the following:

TN Pongal Hamper will be provided to rice cardholders by the Government of Tamil Nadu. Being the holder of a rice card is the only and the most important criterion.

In conclusion

Adding some festive charm to the people’s lives will enable them to feel rejuvenated and approach the year with a lot more enthusiasm and zest. 2020 was not an ideal year, however, with such hampers being offered, the people of Tamil Nadu enter the new year with a lot more optimism and bearing hope for better days.

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