One thing that is an instant uniting factor among the youngsters, thereby setting them on a path of discipline and collaboration is sports. Sports bring the youth together and makes them work towards a unified goal, and makes them aim for better things in life. Understanding the importance of sports in the overall well-being of the youth, the Tamil Nadu state government has come up with an innovative scheme – the Tamil Nadu Amma Ilaignar Vilayattu Thittam scheme.

About the scheme

Under the implementation of the Tamil Nadu Amma Ilaignar Vilayatti Thittam scheme, the state government aims to inculcate leadership skills and promote overall unity among the youth of Tamil Nadu. The scheme will ideally be implemented across 12,000+ village panchayats and 528 town panchayats across the state. The state sets out with an outlay of ₹76.24 crores to implement the said plan.

Applying for the scheme online

The Tamil Nadu government is going to invite online applications for the Tamil Nadu Amma Youth sports scheme 2021. The youngsters participating would be encouraged to participate in various sports like Kabaddi, Volleyball, Cricket and Football.

The form for the scheme can be filled online on the official state website of Tamil Nadu.

Salient features of the scheme

The main features of the scheme are mentioned herewith:

  • The scheme has been launched to encourage youth in the rural areas of Tamil Nadu to be a part of something big and contribute their skills towards sports and recreational activities.
  • The Tamil Nadu government, for the perfect implementation of the scheme, has earmarked a whopping ₹76.24 crores.
  • Under the Tamil Nadu Amma Ilaignar Sports scheme, gender-wise youth sports clubs will be set up by the department.
  • The state government will set up grounds in each village for sports like kabaddi, volleyball, cricket and football.
  • The sports scheme in the state will be implemented from either the MNREGA funds or from the general funds of the town panchayats.
  • All participants would be provided with adequate training facilities which will enable them to perform better at the district, state and even national level.
  • The competitions would be held at the Panchayat union, district and state levels and the winners would receive hefty prizes.

In conclusion

Sports is a redeeming factor for many aspirants from the underprivileged zones of any state, as sports is a merit-based system – you perform well, you do well for yourself. In the long run, sports earn people fame and prosperity, and this is the spirit that the Tamil Nadu government aims to inculcate through the scheme implementation.

By including sports in the lives of people and making it all the more accessible, it increases the chances of more athletes coming from Tamil Nadu and representing the state and eventually the nation on national and even international levels.

With more such schemes coming in effect, the youth of the nation not only have a chance of making a life for themselves but also adding to the pride of the nation in the long run.

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