Tahafuz Window integration

Over the years, integration of the marginalised has been a widely discussed matter. Financial differences must not disallow people having a good quality of life and hence, to address the matter, the Pakistan government has launched the Tahafuz Window integration.

Supporting the marginalised

In order to support the marginalised, one needs to correctly understand the marginalised. Marginalised are those who are denied basic human rights of life, liberty and equality due to their financial background, their birth, their religious practices, caste, creed, etc.

To demolish such differences and bring about equality among the masses, the Pakistan government is making provisions like ehsaas programme for proverbial safety nets for the vulnerable in the society so that they might be protected against shocks by offering them a one-time financial assistance against events. This would be offered to them in the form of assistance to the poor widows and legal aid provided to them as well.

There are several legalities that stand completed in this regard and schemes are being put in place for the smoother implementation of the programmes.

In conclusion

Over the years, women empowerment is growing to be a more severely discussed topic in Pakistan. WIth this scheme in place, the ehsaas program ensures that women get their due place in the society and not be at the mercy of their husbands or in-laws. The scheme is designed to make women more self-sufficient, so that no matter what crisis befalls them, they find themselves to be in a position to face them well.

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