Skills are an essential part of a person’s workplace success. If one lacks the basic skills to tackle the rigmarole that comes with work, the organisation suffers. In the lack of absence, companies perform poorly and it indirectly hurts the nation’s economy as well. 

Therefore, companies are extremely careful about whom they get on-board and if someone does not have the skills or the competency factor the company is looking for, the individual finds it difficult to get employed. 

Shedding light on the importance of skills and how to bring it to use in terms of national welfare, the government of India initiated the Skill India Mission in 2015. 

Objective of the Skill India Mission

The basic objective of the Skill India Mission is to train over 40 crore Indians across various industry-related jobs. The entire vision of the scheme is the creation of an empowered workforce by the year 2022 through various schemes and training procedures. 

The scheme will essentially cater to skill development in India through a framework that eventually aligned itself with the needs and sundry demands of industries across the nation. To make it easier and non-intimidating for people wanting to benefit from the scheme, Skill India registration is a straightforward process which is online and people can either enrol themselves as a candidate or even as a trainer. 

The portal, essentially, is open to everyone!

Benefits of the Skill India Mission

The benefits offered by the scheme are endless. To begin with, candidates receiving proper skill development training will get better access and avenues to better paying jobs and will therefore get to experience a better and more dignified standard of living. 

The nature of the scheme is to work at the grass root level and therefore, every sector in the nation gets to benefit from the positive outcome of the scheme thereby eventually leading to better economical output. 

Which skills are being focused on?

There are various sub-schemes launched by the Skill India mission such as: 

  • Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana
  • Skills Acquisition and Knowledge Awareness for Livelihood Promotion (SANKALP)
  • Standard Training Assessment and Reward Scheme (STAR)
  • Polytechnic Schemes
  • Vocationalisation of Education across all streams

These skills offered by the Skill India mission will not only enable candidates to bag better jobs but it would also enable individuals to establish themselves as entrepreneur and set up businesses which eventually create portals for employment all across the country. 

What are the courses offered?

  • Management and development courses
  • Training of trainer for an accreditation program for EM trainers, technology infusion, etc
  • Entrepreneurship development program
  • Skill development program
  • Promotion of micro-enterprises and cluster developments, lending effective business strategies for MSMEs

In conclusion

Skill training is what paves one’s way to a better tomorrow. Education when paired with right skill training creates a competent workforce that outperforms itself time and again, and will take on new challenges every day and excel at them. That’s the power of skill training, and the government is on the highway to economical success with the PMSBY. 

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