The general life path for most people is to work hard while young and enjoy the fruits of one’s labour when the sun sets on that youthful exuberance. And while most of us prepare for the second innings of our lives, there are some who get too engrossed in uplifting the family from dire situations all their lives that they skip the thought of what they would do to get by when they are old.

The government of Karnataka has grown increasingly aware of the problems of the grey-haired elders of the state and has therefore launched a specific pension scheme for them – Sandhya Suraksha Pension Scheme.

This scheme aims to offer financial assistance and care to the senior citizens in the state of Karnataka.

Benefits offered under the Sandhya Suraksha Pension Scheme

There are several benefits offered to senior citizens in Karnataka under this scheme. Some of them are mentioned here:

  1. The beneficiaries under this scheme will receive a fixed monthly pension of ₹1,000 from the State government.
  2. Beneficiaries who used public transport with the help of KSRTC for travelling will get bus passes at concessional rates.
  3. Apart from the regular pension, the government will also lend assistance to provide medical facilities to the beneficiaries through NGOs as old age is that period of life where maximum healthcare is needed.
  4. The Sandhya Suraksha Pension Scheme will not only provide financial assistance but will go over and above it to offer necessary assistance to NGOs that have been established to help senior citizens across the state.
  5. The NGOs which are willing to assist the government in implementing the scheme will also issue ID cards to the scheme beneficiaries. For issuing an ID card, the NGO will receive ₹25.
  6. The government will set up daycare centres to take care of the senior citizens and support them with their needs.
  7. There are several helpline centres set up at various places which will be assisted by the Police departments and NGOs. Police will respond to any distress call made by the senior citizens under the scheme.

What are the eligibility criteria to avail of the benefits of Sandhya Suraksha Pension Scheme?

  1. The applicant must be a permanent resident of Karnataka
  2. The age of the applicant should be 65 years and above
  3. The combined annual income of the proposed pensioner and his or her spouse should not go beyond ₹20,000 as certified by the local revenue authority
  4. If the income is declared by the beneficiary himself/herself, the income of Adult children will not be accounted for in the calculation of the income of the proposed pensioner
  5. The total value of combined deposits held by the pensioner and his spouse shall not exceed ₹10,000
  6. Person availing of the old-age pension, destitute widow pension or physically handicapped pension, or any other version of pension from either public or private sources would be considered ineligible for benefits of the scheme.
  7. Beneficiaries under the scheme are chosen from the following categories:
  • Small farmers
  • Marginal farmers
  • Agricultural labourers
  • Weavers
  • Fishermen

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