As the Bihar elections inch closer, rallies are conducted in full swing. This is also the prime time for new schemes to be launched or older schemes to be redone to the benefit of the people. CM Nitish Kumar has released, in the wake of the upcoming elections, the Saat Nischay yojana.

The Saat Nischay Yojana is a two-part document that reveals the government’s plan to emphasize development in seven key areas which include healthcare, infrastructure, employment, and women empowerment in the state of Bihar.

What are the Saat Nischay’s as promised by the scheme?

  1. Employment of the youth and skill development: In the light of the pandemic, millions of youngsters have lost their jobs. This has stolen away their means of income, thereby increasing the unemployment rate not only in Bihar but actually all over the nation. In times like these, it is important to empower the youth into gaining skills that help them gain jobs in fields that are currently hiring. With skill development, there will be an emphasis on entrepreneurship as well, which again opens pathways for more jobs.
  2. Education for students: Under the Bihar Student Credit Card Yojana, which is yet another flagship scheme carried forward in the upcoming years, the scheme aims to enable students to pursue higher education at reputed institutes. The vision of Saat Nischay also speaks about the development of ITIs and Polytechnics across the state center of excellence.
  3. Women Empowerment: Bihar has, over the decades, earned quite a bad rep for itself due to the oppression of women. With the Saat Nischay yojana, things are aimed to change. In the next five years, according to the Saat Nischay Yojana, the state government will offer 50% of the cost of the project or a maximum of Rs 5 lakh interest-free loans for women to start their own enterprises.
  4. Agriculture and Irrigation: Irregularities in climate will no longer worry farmers in Bihar with the implementation of Saat Nischay yojana. The scheme will aim to raise farmer income by offering loans, waivers, and financial guidance and support.
  5. Cleanliness: Aligning itself with the mission and the vision of the Swachha Bharat Yojana, the government of Bihar aims to draw its attention to the cleanliness factor as it plays a big role in attracting tourism.
  6. Infrastructure: According to the vision document offered by Nitish Kumar, the Bihar government will construct shelter homes for the old, several multi-storey flats for the poor and those from the Below poverty line, and even electric crematoriums across all major cities in Bihar. There are also provisions to be made for flyovers and bypass roads to decongest traffic during peak hours.
  7. Healthcare: In the next five years, the Bihar government aims to hyper-focus on health as we all saw the problems that arise by neglecting it. Through the Saat Nischay Yojana, the government will aim to improve the healthcare of citizens and offer better facilities for all to avail of better healthcare.

In conclusion

Through the Saat Nischay Yojana, the government of Bihar aims to bring about a seven-fold development regime that will resonate with the virtues of a new and emerging India.

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