Workers are usually at the bad end of the spectrum because of exploitation of workforces, and the rampant fear of unemployment which has wreaked havoc due to the pandemic. Workers are finding it hard to make ends meet and this has adversely affected their standard of life and their dignity of work.

To improve the situation for the workers in Rajasthan, the state government of Rajasthan has started the Rajasthan Pura Kaam Pura Daam campaign for MGNREGA workers.

What does the Rajasthan Pura Kaam Pura Daam Campaign 2020 for MGNREGA Workers do?

The scheme is launched for workers who work under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act scheme. Although the maximum wage provided under the MGNREGs is fixed to be Rs 220, the workers are paid as per the amount of work done against the task assigned to them. The low rate of wages offered to workers indicates poor worksite management.

Implementation of the scheme

The state government of Rajasthan intends to implement the Rajasthan Pura Kaam Pura Daam Campaign 2020 for MGNREGA Workers in the following way:

  1. The Rajasthan government will encourage labourers to file a complaint in case of absentee labour
  2. The fellows will be trained by the government and aim on increasing participation of female peers to up to fifty per cent as this can better motivate labourers considering how at least seventy per cent of the workforce happens to be women in most cases
  3. Workers will be made aware of the benefits of completing the assigned work on time.

Why is there a need for such a campaign?

Though on the outset it looked like the workers are being paid on time, the actual reality tends to differ for most MGNREGA workers, who often complain of not being paid duly and fully. Hence, to bring in further uniformity and sincerity in the implementation of the scheme, the Rajasthan Pura Kaam Pura Daam Campaign 2020 for MGNREGA Workers is said to be launched.

The other reasons for the need of the scheme are:

  1. There were errors seen in the installments of wages during the last 4-5 years and individuals who worked honestly and those who have discrepancies in the work they do end up getting paid the same which ends up being unfair to diligent workers
  2. It has been observed that due to low compensations offered, the average losses incurred by the workers of Rajasthan collectively sum up to be approximately Rs 2,400 crores
  3. Vulnerable sectors of the workforce who need the money for their daily sustenance are ending up to be the victims of exploitations which compels them to take drastic and unfortunate steps.

In conclusion

Though there are no concrete measures to apply for the scheme online, a worker in Rajasthan can reach out to the nearest post office or the CSC centre for further assistance on how to avail the benefits of the Rajasthan Pura Kaam Pura Daam Campaign 2020 for MGNREGA Workers. This way, workers now have a voice and means to get what they so rightly deserve – the payment for their toil; the fruit of their labour.

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