The pandemic has had severe consequences on the academics of students all over the country. And while many have missed out on learning, many others have, due to financial constraints, are unable to afford access to schooling equipment. Unemployment, as an issue, has spread far and wide, and therefore the Rajasthan government has initiated a new scheme – the Rajasthan Free Uniform / Textbook scheme for 2021.

About the scheme

Considering how hard the last year has been for students all over the country, the government of Rajasthan has initiated this scheme to bring education back on track for students in the state. For this to happen, it will distribute free uniforms and textbooks for students; the funding for which will come from the Rajasthan budget for 2021-22.

The scheme would ideally be implemented under two main components:

  1. Free School Uniform scheme- in this first component, the state government will provide free school uniforms to government school students up to class 8th.
  2. Free Textbook Scheme- the second component of the scheme concerns itself with offering free books to government school students who are studying in grade 6, grade 7 and grade 8.

Both these components fall under the Back to School initiative of the Rajasthan Government and the state government will spend ₹470 for the successful implementation of the free uniform/textbook scheme. 

Back to School Programme

The need for the scheme has come up due to the gap that the pandemic has put in every student’s academic course. The Rajasthan government has decided to initiate the scheme and bridge this gap. The main objective of the scheme is to make students comfortable in classes and to allow them a brand new start towards academics. The Rajasthan government intends to implement its educational agendas through unified efforts under the “Back to School” programme.

More initiatives of the Rajasthan government towards education

Rajasthan has, over the years, garnered a reputation for not being very open towards women empowerment, as the state could still largely be under the clutches of regressive traditional practices.

However, with waves of feminism sweeping across the nation, the state government of Rajasthan has changed its rigid approach and is now focusing on empowering women to pursue their ambitions.

In conclusion

Over the years, state governments have realised the importance of education. Education is what drives a nation towards development. It creates a skilled workforce, in the long run, offering employment opportunities to people all across the nation, and means to earn a livelihood.

Rajasthan is a state government that has realised the importance of education and is therefore implementing the Back to School programme to contribute to the larger goal of 100% education of students, and to mitigate the ills of the pandemic that the world has just experienced. With this new scheme in place, students will find themselves being comfortable around the idea of resuming schooling and get on track with their studies. With the ills of the pandemic subsiding, better learning-oriented days seem to be in store for the students all across the state.

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