Scholarships are ways to incentivize education in a country that, in its more rural areas, refuses to get on board with it wholeheartedly. Traditional and largely poverty-stricken families believe education to be a waste of time and their children would rather benefit by garnering work experience. Hence, they send their children to work as they feel it not only enhances their child’s chances of getting employed in the long run, but it also makes the household some money in the meanwhile. 

Rajasthan is a state that is primarily plagued with such thinking, considering the poor literacy rate of the state. To improve this and to necessitate education in the lives of students, the Government of Rajasthan has initiated the Higher Education Scholarship scheme. 

About the Higher Education Scholarship Scheme 

The main aim of the scheme is to encourage the poor students of the state towards higher education. Students who have secured 60 per cent marks in their class 12 Rajasthan State secondary education examinations or secured a spot in the first 1 lakh students in the priority list of the board will benefit from the scholarship scheme. 

These students will receive ₹500 per month – for not more than 10 months per annum – which implies that the student will receive ₹5,000 per annum. Alongside this, a scholarship of ₹1,000 per month (₹10,000 annually), will be given to encourage higher studies of disabled students.  

The objective of the scheme is to encourage meritorious students, usually worried about the expenses that come up because of pursuing higher studies, to go forth and receive the education they deserve. 

Application Process for the Rajasthan Scholarship Scheme:

  • Firstly, the student will register himself/herself to apply for the scholarship.
  • User ID and Password will be issued to the student so that he/she will be able to know the status of the application in the future and can apply for a scholarship in any further course as well.
  • After that, the student will apply online, in which all the necessary information will be filled out.
  • It is mandatory for the student to upload all the necessary documents on the online scholarship portal.
  • Once all documents are updated, it is mandatory for the students to lock/save all the information.
  • If students do not see the name of the educational institution, they would then have to contact their educational institution and request them for registration on the portal.

Summing it up

Education truly is the shackle-breaker of poverty, and history time and again bears evidence of the same. It is necessary for students to aim to go higher academically, and they do so with the right push – which, in this case, happens to be something the Government of Rajasthan seems to provide through the implementation of the Rajasthan Higher education scholarship. 

With this, more students will aspire to pursue higher education in the years to come, and is limited due to the fear of finances will be a thing of the past. 

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