The Indian railways have served the country for the longest time and with the increase in technology all around us, the Indian railways are about to turn to the next, most inevitable chapter – digitisation. And this process starts with mobile application development which offers better accessibility to all users. 

The Indian railways have introduced the RAIL SAARTHI mobile app which helps to integrate all mobile applications to attend to various passenger requirements, which includes ticket booking, inquiry, on-board cleaning and ordering meal – all of this on a single platform. Simply put, this app takes care of all that a passenger needs and wants. 

About the RAIL SAARTHI mobile app

The RAIL SAARTHI (Synergised Advanced Application Rail Travel Help and Information) app is designed to meet the varied needs of a passenger. It provides features like safety for women, complaint facility and suggestions for improvement with a sound feedback facility offered to users so that they can share and suggest how the app can be bettered to meet the needs of more users in the future. 

The app has been designed and developed by the CRIS – Centre for Railway Information Systems. The SAARTHI app was the part of Integrated railways project, which was announced in the rail budget. The SAARTHI app can also help users now book taxis, hotels and offer feedback regarding their travel experience with the app. 

How to download the app?

Android phone users can download the app by following these steps: 

  1. Go to the GooglePlay store app 
  2. Search for the “RAIL SAARTHI” app
  3. Click on the install option
  4. The app be downloaded and installed on your phone
  5. In order to use all the functions of the app, the user would have to download the following apps.

Uses of the RAIL SAARTHI app

  1. Train ticketing: Unreserved and reserved ticketing
  2. Enquiry: seat availability, fare enquiry, train running status, and PNR enquiry
  3. Affiliated Services: air ticket bookings, food on track, tour booking and booking of retiring rooms
  4. Feedback: complaints and suggestions, clean my coach option, coach Mitra and feedback option integrated with Twitter. 

Summing it up

Over the years, booking train tickets as a process has simplified by leaps and bounds. Now, with the introduction of the RAIL SAARTHI app, people will find it even easier to plan, execute and enjoy their journeys. 

While COVID-19 wreaks havoc on travel plans, developers are working on streamlining the app all the more so that whenever you get around to using it, you will find it to be a seamless experience. 

The SAARTHI app is just one of the many ways in which technology is making lives easier. Over the next few years, innovation and technology integration will touch several walks of life enabling us to get past petty nuisances and lead a fuller life with a lot less hassle and a lot more happiness. 

With the introduction of the SAARTHI app, you can rest assured that the government is constantly striving towards achieving its goal of universal digitisation – after all, the future is digital.

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