Need for the scheme:

Malnutrition has plagued the welfare and progress of the nation for decades now. The reasons for this seem to be endless; however the one that stands most prominently is the economic gap between the rich and the poor in the country. Those worse affected by the ills of malnutrition are the women in India. 

Statistics suggest that one in every three women in India is undernourished and every second woman in India is anemic. This raises a matter of grave concern for the nation as the health of the mother would determine the health of the child. If the mother is undernourished, the child will be born with conditions, which largely tend to be irreversible. 

To tackle such overarching issues, the government of India launched the Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana (PMVVY). 

What is the PMMVY scheme about?

The PMMVY scheme is a Maternity Benefit Programme which is implemented across states, throughout the nation. This is implemented in accordance with the provision of the National Food Security act of 2013. 

The objectives of the PMMVY

While there happen to be various objectives the scheme intends to meet, there are some which hold primary importance, and they are as follows:

  1. To provide partial compensation for the wage loss due to absence, as a cash incentive, so that women can get adequate rest before and after birthing the first living child. 
  2. The cash provided would lead to improved health-seeking behaviour among other Pregnant Women and Lactating Mothers. 

Benefits under the scheme

  1. The most important benefit under the scheme is offering ₹5000 in three instalments of ₹1000 on early registration of pregnancy at the nearest Anganwadi Centre. The second instalment would be of ₹2000 after six months of pregnancy on having received at least one ante-natal check-up. Finally, the third instalment would be of ₹2000 after childbirth, after the child has been registered and has received the first cycle of vaccination.  
  2. The beneficiary would also receive the incentives offered by the Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY) for the institutional delivery. The incentive received under the JSY would be accounted for maternity benefits. Hence, on average, a woman receives ₹6000. 

How to register under the PMMVY scheme?

  1. To avail the benefits of the scheme, the pregnant woman would have to register at the Anganwadi centre or health facility, according to the implementing department in that state/UT
  2. To register, the applicant would have to fill out the 1-A form duly signed and with the consent of her husband. The applicant would also have to provide documents of her father stating consent for the same. 
  3. The prescribed form can be obtained free of cost and can also be downloaded for free from the website of the Ministry of Women and Child development.

Wrapping it up

Women in India can finally rest assured that they have a scheme working out especially for them. With this scheme in place, women no longer have to work right up to childbirth and right after that. 

This scheme is an excellent one to ensure the welfare of the mother and thereon that of the child.

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