If you are a property owner in Tamil Nadu and intend to establish your right over the property, then you may just be at the right place. In Tamil Nadu, a “Patta” basically means all the evidence you need to prove your legal right over a certain piece of land. It is noteworthy to know that Patta ideally concerns itself only with land and not apartments.

What is Chitta Patta and what is the difference between them?

A patta ideally is a revenue record of a piece of land. It is usually issued by the government and is also known as the Record of Rights or ROR. The Pasta includes the Patta number, the name of the district, the taluk, and village, the owner’s name, the survey number and subdivision, wetland/dryland, area of land and tax details.This land revenue document ideally contains details about the area, the size, the ownership pf the land, etc. These details are basically maintained by the village administration Officer and the nature of land – whether drylands or wetland as mentioned.

Since 2015, both the documents have been merged and are available as one with all the relevant information in the Patta.

What details does the Patta Chitta document offer?

The Patta Chitta document offers the following information

  • Name of the land owner
  • Quantity of the Patta
  • Sub-division and the survey number
  • Name of the district, village and taluk of the landowner
  • Area or the dimension of the land
  • Tax details of the owner
  • Information on whether the land is dry or wetland
  • Chitta land ownership

What are the documents needed to apply for the Patta Chitta online?

The following documents are needed if you are applying for the Patta Chitta online, so that you can keep them handy.

  1. The sale deed
  2. Proof of possession – paid tax receipt, electricity bill and the encumbrance certificate

How to apply for the Patta Chitta online?

Step 1: Log on the official site of Patta Chitta Yojana

Step 2: Opt for the view Patta and FMB/Chitta/TSLR extract option

Step 3: Enter details such as the taluk, village, ward, survey number, etc and proceed

Step 4: When you submit, you will get a certificate from the Town Survey Land Registrar online with details about the property in question. This certificate will ideally have all details about the locality, type of land, survey number, etc.

Making matters digital

In 2018, Chief Minister EK Palaniswami launched the android application called Amma app. This mobile app will allow users to access land records, Patta Chitta, from their phones besides a host of various other services. 

In conclusion

The Patta Chitta is a great scheme for those in Tamil Nadu who are landowners. With the rampant digitization across all sectors of the government services, it was about time Patta Chitta gets digital. Not only has the scheme gotten a lot more accessible to all, but it will also settle land disputes and concreting land ownership a whole lot lucid for all.

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