Think back to those instances where a speck of soap water entered your eye and momentarily blinded you? Didn’t it feel crippling? 

The gift of sight is truly a special gift. Taking care of one’s vision, therefore, becomes just as crucial as taking care of any other aspect of one’s life simply because life turns out to be very difficult without eyesight involved. 

To make the message clearer and to create avenues for people to better their eyesight to improve their life better, the government of Odisha has launched the Odisha Sunetra yojana 2021 – a universal eye care programme meant for all. 

About the scheme

The Universal eye care for all was launched by the government of Odisha to create awareness for better eye care and to also offer affordable eye care for all. The Sunetra scheme, owing to its success, has been launched annually four times in the last four years. 

The scheme was launched on the occasion of World Sight day – 12th of October. 

The state government, in its budget, had earmarked ₹682 crores for the implementation of the scheme and set the target for complete eradication of cataracts and also to establish vision care centres at the CHC level in all districts by 2022. 

Over the months, Sunetra yojana paired up with Nirmal scheme for the promotion of healthy and hygienic atmosphere in hospitals and also with Sammpurna Suraksha Kabacha devised for mother and child on 7th April – marking World Health day. 

The objective of the scheme

The Sunetra yojana and Nirmal scheme will strengthen the delivery of proper healthcare services through the implementation of sound health systems. The state government of Odisha will also provide Universal health coverage and ensure “Health for all” with the best quality infrastructure and services in the state. 

In the state, roughly 91% of the people depend on the public health sector for healthcare services. While the Nirmal scheme focuses on providing basic facilities like sanitation, security services, the Sunetra yojana focuses on Free eye treatment facilities. 

Benefits of the Universal Eye Health Program – UEHP

According to the official data, if the government will provide proper cures to citizens, over 80 per cent of people in the Odisha state can be cured, and this stands accurate as the majority of people depend on the public healthcare sector in the state. 

Moreover, the state government will provide free operation facilities and applicable glasses to citizens who have developed issues with their eyesight. The government will also bear the cost of corneal transplantation surgeries to corneal blind people. The eye care or vision centre will also offer free treatment for diabetic patients, retinoplasty and several other eye problems and this free treatment will be given at government-aided hospitals. 

Wrapping it up

Sunetra scheme and its implementation will not only bring about the awareness of working towards better eyesight but also helps people get affordable vision care. In the years to come, this scheme will prove to be monumental with the amount of success it will achieve. 

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