Child mortality has been a growing concern in the state of Odisha, where year after year, newborns are falling victims to early demise solely due to the lack of proper medical facilities and attention. To tackle this issue head-on and to make sure that no parent has to go through such an ordeal, the Odisha government has initiated the Odisha Mo Sishu portal – web-based information management and monitoring system for child protection services.

About the Odisha Mo Sishu portal

The scheme is a flagship undertaking of the Odisha State Child Protection Society (OSCPS), the Department of Women and CD and the Mission Shakti (MS), alongside collaboration with the Odisha state government, and the Centre for Modernising Government Initiative (CMGI).

Mo Sishu is a database and application software that will monitor the performance of child protection services at the institution, district and even state level through online mediums.

The aim of the scheme is to primarily help in the analysis of data and to be able to take swift decisions whenever need be. This will be achieved through standardised data entry and reporting formats which will help in processing error-free data.

Objectives of the Mo Sishu programme

  • The scheme is a revolutionary automating transaction system that is related to monitor the performance of child protection services at the Institution, district and state level.
  • It is set up to monitor the performance of child protection services
  • The agencies in charge can track the detailed record of the inflow of children and the staying in CCI, exit details and other vital information.
  • Online tracking will make sure that there are no instances of duplicity and any fake records in the system.
  • It helps in getting accurate and timely information
  • It will help the state government generate error-free reports at several levels of administration.

How to register with the Mo Sishu scheme in Odisha?

In order to be roped in with the scheme, the Mo Sishu registration go as follows:

  • Visit the official website of the scheme at
  • At the homepage, the applicant has to click on the “login” tab which is present in the main menu
  • Then, the Mo Sishu online login portal will load on the screen as shown here:
  • Here, the candidate will have to enter the User Type, User ID, Password, captcha and then click on the “Login” button to make Odisha Mo Sishu portal login as and when needed.

In conclusion

The Mo Sishu scheme is a progressive step with regards to child care in the country. For the longest time, there has been no concrete database on the level of performances offered at various levels.

This level of seamless management will inspire institutions to offer top-notch performance, and the obvious beneficiaries of the scheme will be the young ones – who have often been neglected in the grander scheme of things.

With the Mo Sishu scheme in effect, other state governments have a source of inspiration to create such schemes at the grassroots level in their respective states as well.

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