Distribution of help requires assistance, especially in a country like ours where the population can get a little too overwhelming for governments. Reaching grass root levels is not as easy as it seems, and more often than not, governments miss out on helping those who really need it.

In order to tackle the issue better and to ensure that all households receive help in the state of Kerala, the state government is streamlining the ration card system – a document that marks a candidate worthy of government assistance.

Implementation of the Streamlined Ration Application

The Civil Supplies Department of Kerala has released a new district wise Kerala Ration card list 2021 on their official website – https://civilsupplieskerala.gov.in/

All citizens who had made fresh applications for ration card registration can now simply log in to the website and check their name online or download the list of eligible APL/BPL/ NFSA beneficiaries. 

The state government has made this new ration card list public in order to make the process of finding one’s name in the list a whole lot easier.

How to Download the Kerala Ration Card List 2021?

Candidates who had previously applied for a new ration card can now check their name in the Kerala Ration card list 2021 for NFSA by following this procedure:

  • On the homepage, the applicant has to click on the “Total cards” section
  • The next step would be to open the District Level ration card report
  • Then, the applicant has to open the TSO level ration card report. In the image below, the TSO report for Thiruvananthapuram has been displayed for reference purposes:
  • Candidates have to click on the link under the “TSO name” and consequently, in the next window, a new ARD level report will open which then the applicant has to click on “ARD owner name” to proceed to check one’s name in the Kerala ration card list.

Currently, roughly about 89,00,000+ ration cards have already been distributed to the ration cardholders in the state of Kerala so that they can avail the benefits offered by the state government.

Eligibility criteria for the Kerala Ration Card

In order to avail the ration card, the applicant has to adhere to the following criteria:

  1. Applicants should be permanent residents of Kerala.
  2. Households who already have a ration card will not be considered eligible.
  3. Newly married couples can apply for a ration card.
  4. Citizens having temporary ration cards whose dates might have expired can apply for the new ration card.

Summing it up

Ration card is an important document and having it by your side opens up a world of avenues. The poor can receive help from the government in a more seamless manner, and governments can ensure a fail-proof plan is in effect. By streamlining the process, the Kerala state government has ensured that every household in the state who deserves help from the government receives it.

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