All over the world, childbirth is a delicate affair. The society goes extra cautious about and around women who are expecting – providing them with the comforts and needs so that their pregnancy is eased out. However, what about those who do not have the luxuries of comfort, even when they are carrying another life within them?

For daily wage workers, a day’s absence meant a pay cut, which is possibly one of the worst things to happen to someone who is expecting. Every family works towards financial wellbeing only to offer the children a comfortable life. A pay cut is basically snatching away that comfort from hard-working people.

MP Shramik Seva Prasuti

The government of Madhya Pradesh grew cognizant of the issues faced by expecting women from the Below Poverty Line section and therefore introduced the MP Shramik Seva Prasuti.

Objectives of the MP Shramik Seva Prasuti

  1. Providing financial compensation for wage loss – women from the labour force are afraid of losing out on money for the days they take leave during pregnancy. To offer them assurance and peace of mind, the government would offer financial compensation for the wage loss that occurred due to maternity leaves.
  2. Cash incentives – the MP government, through this scheme, aims to inculcate health-seeking behaviour among pregnant and lactating women. This would in turn promote early identification of high-risk pregnancies, a purposeful effort at safer deliveries, early immunization and zero dose immunization of the newborn, etc.

How to avail the benefits of the MP Shramik Seva Prasuti?

  1. Reach out to the nearest NHM portal
  2. The NHM portal will provision to enter the Samagra number of both – the husband and the wife
  3. The Shramik Samagra Portal to validate the eligibility of the applicant
  4. The NHM portal will then generate an MIS report – on successful verification of the applicant
  5. The verifier at the service center will assess payment details and documents on e-vittapravaha
  6. The DDO will approve the payment through Aadhar based biometric device and from that point, the payment will be initiated

Downloading the form

Here is the link to download the format of MP Shramik Seva Prasuti.

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