For the longest time, governments have had a status or reputation of not being easily approachable. To put an end to that, and to help out the people, the state government of Madhya Pradesh has initiated the MPOnline Kiosk Scheme which is responsible to offer governmental services to the people, help people with accessing governmental facilities, and serving as a helpline service and complaint portal for those having any difficulties availing government benefits.

This governmental Kiosk will be created in close collaboration with IT consultancy firm TCS – Tata Consultancy Services.

Implementation of the Kiosk scheme for better access to government

The Kiosk scheme has managed to spread out to 51 districts of the state in over 350 tehsils and Madhya Pradesh online has been helping several governmental departments to reach out to the masses easily and for the people to have access to government facilities right at their own doorsteps.

Looking at the outreach the scheme has achieved, the state government has set up more than 28,000 kiosks across the state of Madhya Pradesh to deliver government services to people more effectively.

Over the years, the state government intends to reach out to as many people as possible and is hence accepting online applications for allotment of Kiosks in more places where there aren’t any. A Kiosk is also an employment opportunity and interested candidates who wish to start an MPOnline kiosk can fill the online registration form at the official website of MPOnline at this website:

If the applicant’s details are found to be eligible for the allotment of a kiosk, then the candidate will receive a kiosk to run by themselves.

How to apply for the MPOnline Kiosk?

Here is the procedure to apply online for the Kiosk allotment.

  • Visit the official website of the official MPOnline limited website.
  • On the homepage of the website, the applicant has to scroll over to the “Kiosk” section which is an option on the main menu and then click on “Kiosk application registration”.
  • The applicant is expected to read all instructions about kiosks carefully and then verify the details to apply for a new kiosk allotment. Then, the MPOnline Kiosk registration form will appear as shown here:
  • The candidates can fill in the details like Applicant details, shop details, asset details, attachment of documents backing the claims of the applicant, and disclaimer and security check. Once all the details are filled in, the applicant has to click the “Submit” button.
  • Finally, the candidate can log in to the MPOnline Kiosk website to get the allotment for a new MPOnline Kiosk.

How to check status?

Once you have filled the form, here is how you can check the status of your application:

  • Check the MPOnline Kiosk registration status using the link where the page opens as shown here:
  • Here the applicants can enter their application number and click on the “Get status” button.

In conclusion

Through these steps, one can apply for one’s own kiosk in Madhya Pradesh and offer governmental access to the people, thereby bridging the gap between people and the officials.

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