Farmers, ever since the lockdown came upon us, have faced one of the worst fates. They used to suffer from the ill-effects of weather irregularities and issues beyond their control, but now this pandemic has posed a new set of worries for them. With restrictions on movement and transportation, the farmers are unable to sell off what they grow. Poorer farmers who do not have proper storage facilities have been finding it difficult to store their produce for an elongated frame of time, thereby leading to a lot of food grains getting spoilt leading to massive losses on an already debt-ridden farmer’s head.

Acknowledging the worries of the poorer farmers all across the nation, The Centre has launched the Kisan Rath app which will allow farmers and traders to identify certain transport facilities for the movement of farm produce during the coronavirus lockdown.

What is the Kisan Rath app about?

The Kisan Rath mobile app will enable transportation by onboarding five lakh trucks and 20,000 tractors on the online service. These networks will be easily accessible to farmers and traders who are looking for some means of transportation to carry the produced goods from one place to another.

How to register for the Kisan rath mobile app online?

If you are a farmer reading this or know any farmer who has been suffering from the after-effects of the lockdown, the information on the registration process for the Kisan Rath app will prove to be useful:

  1. The applicant will have to download and open the Kisan Rath mobile app
  2. On the homepage, select the preferred language.
  3. There will be three options “Farmer”, “Trader”, “Service provider”.
  4. The farmer would have to click on the option that reads, “Farmer” and then log in online on the Kisan Rath app.
  5. If the farmer has never registered before, then she/he would have to click on “Sign in” and fill in the necessary information needed to register to the app online.
  6. The applicant would have to fill in name, mobile number, state, district, tehsil, village, and several other information.
  7. On filling all the information, the application needs to be cross-verified for all the information and then, once all is set, the applicant can click on “Submit”. And that will lead to the application procedure to stand successfully complete.

Benefits of the Kisan Rath app

  1. The app will primarily reduce the wastage of produce and even contribute to better pricing of perishable commodities.
  2. Through the Kisan Rath app, both the buying and selling of crops will be easy.
  3. Through this mobile app, the transporters can also get their vehicle registered for the transportation of goods and grains.
  4. The app is considered to be a giant leap towards the provision of timely transportation service at very competitive rates for farmers and traders, besides achieving a significant reduction in food wastage.

Summing it up

In the long run, the scheme will help farmers be more self-reliant and can therefore look at the transportation of goods on their own. This shifts the markets in their favour and also enables the consumer to buy goods for cheaper prices. Certainly a win-win situation for all.

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