A person’s physical and mental condition should not be definitive of one’s personality or a cause of depriving that person of dignity and a right to life similar to everyone. Owing to this progressive thought, the Kerala State government has launched the Kerala Swasraya scheme 2021 – a welfare scheme for parents of physically handicapped and mentally retarded persons.

Through the implementation of this scheme, the Kerala government is going to offer financial assistance to the mothers of physically handicapped and mentally retarded children.

About the Kerala Swasraya Scheme 2021

Kerala Swasraya scheme has been launched in the state by the Social Justice Department under the guidance of the Government of Kerala. Under the implementation of the scheme, the parents would receive the assistance of ₹35,000 to take care of their children.

This financial help would be provided to beneficiaries as one-time assistance. With such financial assistance being offered by the state government, the beneficiaries will be able to find self-employment.

Need for the Kerala Swasraya scheme 2021

All around the world, the mentally challenged and physically handicapped are looked down upon; as if they lack something that others have. And while that stands to be a regressive way of looking and dealing with things, the world seems to be changing. The physically handicapped and mentally retarded persons need special care and attention for which finances are needed.

With the help of the scheme, financial assistance will now be offered to parents with children with disabilities. The government would also provide a pension amount of ₹525 under the Aswasakiranam pension scheme to caregivers of bedridden persons.

Eligibility criteria for the scheme

  • The applicant must be a permanent resident of Kerala.The applicant must belong to the BPL family.
  • The scheme essentially is designed for parents or mothers who are having children with 70% or more physical and mental disability.
  • Single/unwed mothers/wives abandoned by husbands/legally divorced women/separate women can benefit from the scheme.
  • The applicant is required to submit a detailed project report about the self-employment to the concerned district social justice officer.
  • Close relatives who act as caregivers of the disabled or mentally challenged patients can also apply for the scheme.
  • Mothers of severely disabled or mentally challenged bedridden persons will be given priority.

Documents needed to apply for the scheme

  • Aadhaar card
  • Disability certificate
  • Ration card of Below Poverty Line
  • Caste certificate
  • Residence proof
  • Mobile number
  • Passport size photograph
  • Bank account details

Summing it up

In order to download the application form for the Swasraya scheme, visit the official link: http://swd.kerala.gov.in/index.php. You can download the form, fill it up with necessary details, carry official documents for verification, and on approval from the authorities will be liable to the benefits offered by the scheme.

Through the implementation of such schemes, people from all walks of life have hope; they now have a chance that better days lie ahead and that not all is lost. After all, the human spirit is far too strong to be held back by physical and mental difficulties.

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