Kerala, as a state, has always been one of the forerunners in offering social service – both in-state and out. They are known to come up with innovative solutions to everyday problems in the most feasible and affordable manner possible. Lately, the government of Kerala initiated a new plan to help out Children with Disabilities – CWDs.

This scheme is known as Kerala Sahachari Scheme and is one of the most innovative and progressive schemes thought out by a state.

Objective of the scheme

The scheme has been launched to offer inspiration and help for those who are differently abled. The scheme was launched on the 13th of December 2019.

These schemes are primarily applicable to NSS (National Service Scheme), NCC (National Cadet Corps) and Student Police Cadet (SPC) units which work for the welfare and care of the differently abled children.

The Sahachari Scheme aims to incentivize NCC/NSS/SPC units to work in schools that provide support to students with more than 40% disability in academics and also extra-curricular activities.

How to apply for the Sahachari Scheme?

If you have always harboured benevolent feelings and have longed to make a positive impact on the society by offering care to all, here is your chance. Follow the steps mentioned below to be a part of the Sahachari Scheme.

  • Visit the official website: – the website of the Kerala Social Justice Department. The homepage of the website will load up and appear as shown.
  • Once the homepage loads, you can click on the tab that reads, “schemes”. 
  • Once you click on that, a new page will load on your screen, on which you will have to click on the link that reads, “Sahachari Scheme for encouraging NCC/NSS/SPC units assisting CWDs.”
  • The page that opens after you opened the scheme’s details page, you can go to the “Documents” section and click on “Application Forms – Sahachari Scheme for encouraging NCC/NSS/SPC units assisting CWDs” In order to receive the application form’s copy, you can also simply click here.

The interested applicant can even download the form in PDF format. Once downloaded, the applicant will have to enter the necessary information accurately and submit it to the concerned authorities. This is an offline alternative to the online procedure so that no willing candidate gets to face an obstacle that keeps them from being able to help others.

Summing it up

Disability should not be in the way of people having a fruitful career even if it may seem to be a great challenge for people who suffer from physical or mental impairments. For Children with Disability (CWD), the most basic task of going to school and pursuing education proves to be a hindrance so often that they rather opt out of schooling altogether.

Instead of forcing differently-abled children to blend with the norm, the idea is to change the norm and have schools, infrastructure and people adjust to those differently-abled; the idea should be – normalize equity, not just equality.

And this is achieved by the Kerala Sahachari Yojana 2020.

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