The fisherpeople community has been one that has stood the test of time for centuries now. They are a community of people whose occupation holds value to not only the economy of the country but also its tradition. In order to express its support and gratitude to the community, the Kerala government has initiated the Kerala Parivarthanam scheme portal – an initiative to boost the fishermen’s livelihood.

The department implementing the operations of the scheme is the Kerala State Coastal Area Development Corporation (KSCADC).

Parivarthanam Yojana

The scheme aims to help those fishermen who could not complete their education due to familial issues or economic constraints and had to take up the occupation of a fisherman to keep finances relatively steadier.

With this scheme in place, graduate/professional stream students with exam paper backlogs and who need a part-time job to continue with their education along with definitive opportunities to acquire additional skills through the NSDC Skilling program.

The scheme is open for students from the age group 20-34.

Objectives of the Program

The prime objectives of the program are mentioned herewith:

  • To ensure a fair and fixed price for fishers on a daily basis so as to encourage eco-friendly fishing practices, quality fish handling practices to ensure efficient delivery of fish and fish products to the consumers.
  • In the wake of the pandemic and increasing concerns over food, Parivarthanam will ensure traceability along the supply chain.
  • The scheme will work towards improving employability by creating jobs that can absorb the youth and those whose livelihoods have been disrupted by the ongoing pandemic.
  • To protect the environment by promoting clean energy sources with the help of solar energy.
  • To nurture, evolve and build Parivarthanam as a model which can be expanded and implemented across the country with this collaboration as a central agency.

In case a student is interested to apply for the benefits of the program, they can click here for the direct link.

On this page, the students get an option to fill in their details – their full name, their father’s name, e-mail ID, gender, date of birth, a mobile number that is in use, Aadhaar number and then they can click the “Register” button.

Mentorship in the Program

There will also be a provision to offer mentorship in the program who can guide, handhold and motivate students to complete their education successfully and to guide them towards the right NDSC skilling program and also shape their career.

With such guidance, students will be able to build up a vast international clientele, as per their geographical preference and carry out overseas business with ease. This way, the commercial activities needed to support the Parivarthanam project can also be taken care of.

In Conclusion

With the Parivarthanam scheme in place, not only will the fisher people find new avenues to enhance their livelihood, but the state, as a whole, gets to benefit from shared skills and experience. The scheme integrates human resource and employment generation in one, wonderfully-packed scheme that intends to benefit many.

In such dire times, such innovative schemes are appreciated by thousands.

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