In the last couple of months, healthcare has grown to be an utmost priority to nations all over the world. The notion that healthcare is extremely crucial to the collective welfare of nations has become all the more prominent.

Taking heed of the situation and paying attention to the differently-abled who often find it hard to get by even under normal circumstances, the Kerala Government intends to stay ahead of the curve and has launched the Kerala Niramaya Health Insurance Scheme 2020.

What does the scheme offer?

According to the Kerala Niramaya Health Insurance Scheme 2020, residents of Kerala who apply for the scheme will be provided with a health insurance coverage of up to Rs 1 lakh to differently abled personnel.

This scheme sees the light of the day due to its implementation by the Social Justice department of the Kerala government.

How to apply for the Kerala Niramaya Health Insurance Scheme 2020 form?

  • As the schemes page opens, there will be an option reading, “Niramaya Health Insurance Scheme” 
  • Once the scheme option has been clicked, the details page will open up. Go to the Documents section and click at the links present in the front of “Application forms”
  • A PDF form will open up which needs to be filled. This form is an enrolment form for the Kerala Niramaya Health Insurance Scheme
  • Interested applicants can download the form, enter necessary details and submit it to the concerned authorities who will then process the information and offer further assistance.

What is the premium to be paid for the Kerala Niramaya Health Insurance Scheme 2020?

In order to enrol or review the Niramaya scheme, the following premiums need to be paid:

APL Category (actual premium)Rs 500
BPL category (actual premium)Rs. 250
APL category (Renewal premium)Rs 250
BPL category (Renewal premium)Rs 50

Provisions for the implementation of the Kerala Niramaya Health Insurance Scheme 2020

In order to implement the scheme smoothly, the state cabinet has approved the implementation of the Niramaya Health insurance which is an insurance scheme specifically designed for the welfare and benefit of the differently-abled. According to the guidelines set for the department, the government will provide an insurance cover of Rs 1,00,000 to handicapped persons in each district of the state.

All differently abled personnel – from Above Poverty line and Below Poverty line – are considered eligible for the benefits of the scheme.

Summing it up

The Kerala Niramaya Health Insurance Scheme 2020 is a scheme that is progressive in every aspect. Not only does it realize the rights and the needs of the differently-abled but it also ensures that they have a contingency plan for themselves in the face of health concerns. With this scheme in place, the differently-abled now have a ray of hope and support, which offers them the peace of mind they have wanted all their lives.

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