When traditional norms take cultural roots, it is the innocent who suffers. In a progressive world, widows should not be abandoned from public welfare, but rather should be included all the more. Bearing in mind the atrocities women face, the Kerala Abhayakiranam scheme 2021 has been launched which will offer financial assistance to women who are widows in the state of Kerala.

The Social justice department is inviting online applications which will, post thorough verification, offer financial assistance to the close relatives of destitute widows who are protecting them and offering shelter to them.

In order to implement the scheme smoothly, the State government has approved ₹99 lakh.

Objective of the Abhayakiranam scheme 2021

Widows are usually looked down upon in a traditional society and are often regarded as a burden to whichever family she goes to. The main objective of implementing a widow welfare scheme is to ensure that such atrocities do not befall women in Kerala and that they are provided with a safe and better living environment.

In its initial phase, the state government agreed to offer financial assistance to 200 people by offering ₹1,000 per month for six months.

How to apply for the Abhayakiranam scheme?

Herewith is the complete process to fill in the Kerala Abhayakiranam scheme online application form for 2021:

  • The first step is to visit the official website of the Kerala Social Justice Department. Once you click on the website, the homepage will appear as shown here:
  • All users who are new to the link can click on the “Scheme” tab which is present in the main menu or directly click on http://sjd.kerala.gov.in/schemes.php. This page essentially comprises the list of all Kerala government schemes.
  • Once the list of schemes open, one has to click on the “Abhayakiranam scheme – Financial Assistance to Destitute widows” link so as to open the scheme details page. On this page, the applicant would have to go to the “Documents” section and click on the “Application forms – Abhayakiranam Scheme Financial Assistance to Destitute widows” link.
  • The next step is to fill the Kerala Abhayakiranam scheme application form PDF which will open as shown here, and can be easily downloaded through the online medium:
  • All applicants can download this PDF format form and then the applicants would have to fill in the necessary information, fill in details accurately and submit the form to the concerned authorities.

Once the verification of submitted details is done, the concerned officer will approve the application and the applicant will then start receiving the financial assistance under the Abhyakiranam scheme directly into their bank accounts. Under this scheme, the relatives who provide shelter to the widows will receive a monthly financial help of  ₹1,000.

Summing it up

Widows already go through a lot of turmoil and grief. By offering this financial assistance, the government of Kerala intends to reach out and alleviate the situation by at least offering financial support till the time the widow manages to deal with her grief and finds herself physically and mentally capable of charting out her future plans.

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