Government employees usually are one of the most dedicated workforces, and who is most underrated. People usually believe that the life of a government worker is least hectic, while in reality their jobs are quite tiresome and they indeed perform at their level best in a thankless job. The Karnataka government launched the Karnataka Arogya Sanjeevani Scheme in an attempt to offer due recognition and respect to the government workers of the state.

Karnataka Arogya Sanjeevani scheme or KASS aims to offer health benefits to government employees who have, on occasions more than one, put service before personal health.

Objective of the Karnataka Arogya Sanjeevani Scheme

The main aim of the Karnataka Arogya Sanjeevani Scheme is to provide assistance to the government employees and their family members thereby enabling them to maintain life and health balance.

Under the implementation of the scheme, the Karnataka government will provide cashless medical treatment to the state government employees and their family members. Through this scheme, the state will provide the required assistance to employees and their families especially in these trying times.

Through its implementation, the Karnataka government will provide a boon to its employees who are working continuously throughout the pandemic. The budget allocated for the implementation of the scheme is set to be ₹250 crores every year.

Salient features of the Karnataka Arogya Sanjeevani scheme

The main features of the scheme are mentioned as follows:

  • The state cabinet approved the implementation of the KASS on the 22nd July 2021, which means that the scheme will experience efficient rollout across the state
  • Since it will be implemented by the State government, transparency of the scheme can be guaranteed
  • The scheme was earlier announced even in the state budget
  • Through the implementation of the scheme, the government employees and their family members will get cashless or free of cost medical treatment from enlisted hospitals
  • The scheme will prove to be a great help especially during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The cost of the treatment of the government employee and his or her family member will be borne entirely by the state government
  • This scheme tends to cover all government employees and their dependents across the state
  • This scheme will enable government employees to maintain a balanced life

In conclusion

The main aim in this pandemic situation is to ensure the wellbeing of all those who have, time and again, but their service to others before themselves. Government employees have tirelessly worked to adapt to the situation and offer the best quality service even with limited facilities so that the people don’t experience inconvenience.

Over the years, their efforts and hard work need to be appreciated in order to have them motivated about their undertakings. That is exactly what the Karnataka government is doing through the KASS scheme.

People in the state will now feel enveloped against the malady that faces us all, and this will encourage them to work better, put in more efforts and ease out more lives in their duty towards their country.

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