The social structure of India has been complex for decades and the discrimination against women isn’t uncommon or unheard of. But as we turn towards a new decade, it is time the government takes appropriate actions to eradicate this century-old discrimination and move towards a newer, better India.

Taking the first step towards establishing gender equality in Uttar Pradesh, the State government has initiated the Kanya Sumangla Yojana.

What is the Kanya Sumangla Yojana?

The Kanya Sumangla Yojana enables new opportunities for young girls while also providing social security to girls and women across the state. The state and the nation as a whole are aiming to reduce female feticide and child marriages, the Kanya Sumangla Yojana works as an empowering scheme, battling societal stereotypes and bringing out the best in the daughters of the nation. They get to achieve their full potential and get to lead independent lives.

Eligibility for the Kanya Sumangla Yojana

  1. To be eligible for the scheme, the beneficiary’s family should be a resident of Uttar Pradesh and should have a permanent residency certificate for which Ration card/Aadhar card/ Voter ID card/ electricity/telephone bill will be considered valid.
  2. The annual income of the family should be less than ₹3 lakhs
  3. Only two girls from a family will be covered under the scheme
  4. If a family has adopted an orphan girl child, a maximum of two girls, including the biological children of the family and those adopted legally will be beneficiaries of the scheme.

Parting thoughts

In a developing nation, regressive ideologies have no place. Bridging the gender gap is essential. Therefore, the Kanya Sumangla Yojana is promising to have a progressive impact on the nation in the years to come.

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