In the current decade, education is of utmost importance. And time and again, if personal stories are to be believed, it is education that stands at the core of turning fates from those of rags to those of riches. Jharkhand has, over the years, faced a lot of educational issues with people being unable to finish their studies due to some reason or another.

Such a cycle of illiteracy leads to poverty which in turn leads to more illiteracy and this forms a vicious cycle that is hard to break and not just that, but it also ends up pushing people to things on the other side of the law eventually in some cases.

The online portal initiated by the Jharkhand government is an online scholarship portal offering scholarship benefits to students belonging to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, minorities, and several other backward classes.

How to apply for the Jharkhand e-Kalyan S

cholarship application?

  •  On the homepage, there will be an option “Scholarship registration”. The applicant is expected to click on this link.
  • Click on the “Register/Sign-up” link in the post-matric scholarship registration option.
  • The registration form will be displayed on the screen once the link is clicked.
  • The applicant is expected to enter the required basic details
  • Click on the registration button

Student login

The student has to click on “Student Login”

The student is expected to register with their respective email ID, name, and mobile number.

Documents required for the Jharkhand e-Kalyan Scholarship

In order to avail of the benefits of the Jharkhand e-Kalyan Scholarship, the following documents are expected to be kept handy:

  1. Photograph of the students
  2. Aadhaar card
  3. Bonafide certificates with fee structures listed
  4. Scanned copy of the bank passbook
  5. Income certificate of the student’s parents
  6. Residence certificate or domicile certificate
  7. Caste certificate
  8. Previous year’s mark sheet
  9. Scanned copy of application form with the signature of the student and the parent/guardian

Salient features of the Jharkhand scheme

The scholarship has been created primarily for those students from the scheduled caste, scheduled tribes, and other backward classes of the society.

The scholarship offers the following benefits:

  1. Maintenance allowance of up to ₹7,500
  2. Adhoc grant of ₹1,000 per annum

Eligibility criteria for the Jharkhand e-Kalyan Scholarship

Mentioned below are the criteria the students have to adhere to, in order to avail the benefits of the scheme:

  1. The student must be a resident of the state of Jharkhand.
  2. Students must be either from the scheduled tribe or scheduled caste or Backward class and must have documentation ready to prove the same, as and when asked for.
  3. The students’ annual family income from all sources should not exceed according to the list below:
Scheduled Tribe (ST) or Scheduled Caste (SC)₹2,50,000/-
Other Backward classes₹1,50,000/-

Summing it up

Governments, over the years, have tried to abolish illiteracy from the roots of a culture that honours education and keeps it at the highest spot. With time and due efforts, there will be a day when illiteracy, too, will leave the shores of India.  

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