Once people enter the later stages of their lives, they need avenues to keep themselves occupied. To offer avenues for the aged in Himachal Pradesh, the State government has initiated the Himachal Pradesh Panchvati Yojana 2021 under the Green Belt Development scheme for the elderly in the state.

About the Panchavati Scheme in Himachal Pradesh

Under the implementation of the scheme, the Himachal Pradesh government will develop parks and gardens in every development block in the state studded with essential facilities for senior citizens of rural areas.

The scheme will be taken up in collaboration with the MGNREGA scheme. The prime objective of the scheme is to offer opportunities and options to elderly people to spend their leisure time jaywalking in the parks or spending time with their children or grandchildren. These parks will also serve as nurseries for the government to grow several ayurvedic and medicinal plants. And while there will be plants grown in the parks, there will also be other types of equipment offered like walking tracks, recreational equipment and several other basic amenities for senior citizens,

In 2020-21, roughly 364 sites have been identified and work has already been started at 180 places under the implementation of the Panchavati scheme. Following the 2020-21 implementation, the 2021-22 phasing of the scheme will construct 100 more sites under the scheme.

What are the benefits of the Himachal Pradesh Panchvati Yojana?

These parks will prove to be a great spot for senior citizens who have worked hard all their life. Here, they can rest, meet up with their friends, indulge in healthy, fitness-oriented habits like laughing clubs, walking groups, etc.

This will largely impact their health for good and enhance life expectancy in the long run.

With the onset of the pandemic, policy-makers have had the chance to rethink their strategies and reformulate their plan. It has been observed that 90% of the Himachal Pradesh population lives in rural areas and the government is focusing on rural areas which are in need of accelerated pace of development.

Himachal Pradesh Panchvati yojana Phase 1

In the first phase of the scheme, around 100 parks would be developed in different parts of the state under the Himachal Pradesh Green Belt Development scheme. The Himachal Pradesh Yojana was launched on the 8th of June 2020 through a video conference held by officials.

Summing it up

Parks offer an avenue for recreational activities for all and also offer a common spot for the elderly to group up and have a good time – full of laughter, cheer and old stories. The Himachal Pradesh government has undertaken an important and innovative scheme that looks out for the well-being of the elderly in the state and aligns with the traditional values that we as Indians uphold – looking after the health and wellbeing of the elderly.

In the long run, these parks will not only help the elderly, but will also add to the charm and beauty of the state overall.

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