With the onset of the pandemic, places of religious importance experienced a complete standstill when it comes to the influx of devotees. In Islam, people put in their life’s savings sometimes for the religiously significant Hajj – which every Muslim individual has to undergo, as per their scriptures.

The Haj Committee of India, understanding the issues Muslims will face trying to apply for the pilgrimage, has adapted to modern times. It has now opened its doors for devotees to now apply for the Haj online.

From the 7th of November 2020, the Hajj Application form – HAF of the pilgrims willing to embark on the Hajj 2021 is online.

How to fill the application form online for the HAF?

The first step begins with registering with the Hajj online committee.

How to register for the online application?

  • The following screen will appear. The applicant would have to click on “New User Registration”.
  • Once the applicant has clicked on “New User Registration” there will be another screen loading up online. Fill in all details and click on the “Submit details” button, found on the lower end of the page, as shown herewith:
  • On successful submission of registration details, there will be a system-generated OTP which will be sent to the mobile number provided in the registration form. The applicant would have to activate User-ID by entering the OTP number and click on the Submit button.
  • There will be a confirmation message flashing “Your account has been activated, you can now login”.

The applicant would then have to enter the User-ID and password for filling the online HAF.

Once the applicant logins in, there will be another section appearing on the screen. The applicant would have to choose from the necessary category and click the “Next” button.

The applicant would also get a chance to choose the number of adults, infants, accommodation category, state, district, and embarkation point from a drop-down box as shown here:

When choosing an embarkation point, there will be a pop-up window that will appear as it indicates Embarkation fare details and the applicant can then click the “I confirm” button and click “Next”

Post this stage, the applicant has to fill in personal details, and sections in the form that are marked with an asterisk (*) are compulsory, and not filling those in will not take the form ahead.

The last step is to upload documents and after the submission of details, there will be a confirmation message that will appear as shown here.

Documents needed to fill the form

  1. Photographs
  2. Passport scanned copy (first and last page)
  3. Address proof
  4. Bank Pay-in slip

The final stage of the application would be to note down the system generated unique ID which will be displayed, which indicates the successful completion of the online application.

Summing it up

Through this process, applicants can now fill in their Haj forms online and set out on the pilgrimage in the most seamless manner there is.

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