With increasing digitization all over the world, India needs to get on to the bandwagon if it intends to be in the race and emerge from the mere status of a developing economy. In order to digitize efficiently, newer platforms need to be established that will ensure this transition to be a seamless one. The establishment of a digital platform is what several states have been attempting to do lately, and one such state is Gujarat.

Governments all across India are following suite; getting procedures digitized solely for the ease they offer to the citizens of the nation. The Gujarat smart card scheme is a testament to the long line of processes that have offered convenience to the people with it going digital.

Gujarat Chief Minister launched the Citizen Smart card scheme which is a technological initiative by the state to effortlessly introduce and implement digitization all across the state. The Gujarat government, with assistance offered by this digital platform, intends to provide corruption-free and transparent services to the people of the state.

How to apply for the Citizen Smart card scheme in Gujarat?

If you are a resident of Gujarat and intend to avail the benefits and the security the Citizen smart card offers, then you might have to wait a while. The scheme’s implementation is yet in its nascent stages and is limited to only certain municipalities at the moment – as a form of trial runs. On successful implementation of trial runs, the scheme would be implemented across several municipalities, and only after an official launch is when the State government will issue application forms inviting Gujarat citizens to enroll themselves onto the digital platform created for the citizens.

Information regarding the scheme would be given out on this website: https://www.digitalgujarat.gov.in/

Or there might be a dedicated website allowing people to enroll themselves for the Citizen card seamlessly.

What information will the Digital Card hold?

The Citizen’s card will hold information regarding the following:

  1. Citizen’s Aadhaar card details
  2. Ration card
  3. Election card
  4. Recent photographs of the residents

What services can be availed of through the Citizen’s Smart card?

The data collected by the Citizen card will be safely stored in Governmental digital safe locks. Once the data has been accumulated, the citizens will then require to carry just one smart card for availing of several civic services.

Citizens can apply for an income certificate, BPL certificate among others through the smart card.

In conclusion

Those days where you had to maintain a separate docket containing documents are going to be a part of history now. With several governmental procedures and services being digitized now, showing up with physical documents may just not be needed anymore. With the rise of Covid-19, people have gotten a first-hand understanding of the wonders of online and how seamless it makes things eventually. With this knowledge, several civic services now stand within your grasp under the click of a button or a tap on your touchscreen devices.

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