This initiative was launched by The Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), Government of India in the year 2015 with the purpose of digitization of documents, which is a part of the Digital India program. It is a digital platform for the storage and issuance of important documents like Voter’s ID, school certificates, PAN card and many others from Government registered issuers.


  • The Digi Locker is in the form of a web portal and an application downloadable in mobiles for easy access.
  • It provides cloud storage to resident users who sign up to use the platform.
  • It has got Access Gateway through which real-time access to authentic documents from Government registered issuers is made possible.
  • It also has the option for resident users to put an e-signature on their documents.
  • Users can also upload scanned copies of their documents.
  • The issuer authority sends a link of the requested document to the requester, with the consent of the resident user.

Benefits of Digi-locker

  • The use of Digi Locker has the potential to reduce the burden of physical documents.
  • It has the capacity to digitize information so that we can look forward to a paperless documentation system.
  • The Digi-locker helps to never lose documents reducing the chances of applying for duplicate documents.
  • It helps in also reducing the resident user to go through a tedious process of procuring authentic documents from Government authorities and delivering them to the requester entity.
  • It helps in sharing digital documents across authorities and agencies.
  • It is a secure digital platform for sharing documents between issuers and requester agencies with verification and consent of the resident user.

How to use Digi Locker?

The aim of Digi Locker is to wash out the usage of physical documents and to usher in an era of e-documents across various governmental agencies. Learning how to use this portal may therefore come in handy, in the long run.

How to create User ID?

  1. Access the digital locker at
  2. Citizens with a valid Aadhar card number can create a Digital locker account
  3. The applicant must ensure that the current mobile number is synced with the Aadhaar number
  4. If the applicant does not have the mobile number synced with Aadhar, one may do so by visiting the nearest UIDAI centre. You can find it here

By doing this, the applicant can register with Digi Locker and all that would be left to do is sign up with the application, just the way you would with any social media app, and later on, one can start uploading certificates and documents which one needs to be digitized.

Such digitization of documents will not only make it infinitely accessible, but there would also be no hassle to search for them or to have them damaged as they would be safe on cloud storage.

Such a reliable digitization system is the future of documentation and storing information as it is safe, robust and extremely cost-efficient.

In conclusion

Having your documents digitized will take away a lot of worry from your busy schedule, as hunting for the documents is no more a task on your to-do list. With the Digi Locker, your documents move with you, wherever you go.

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