Avail Rashan Through Ehsaas Rashan Portal

The pandemic has had disastrous effects on people and their finances all over the world. People from the financially poorer sections of society have had things go from bad to worse. To offer some relief to the people in Pakistan, the government of Pakistan announced the Ehsaas Rashan portal.

Aim of the portal

The main aim of the Rashan portal is to offer ration packs or cash amounts to deserving families across the country. The ehsaas program aims to reach out to as many families as possible to offer them some means to sustain themselves and make it through the deadly phase of the pandemic and the issues that come in with lockdowns.

Implementation of the scheme

In order to enquire about the scheme, the individual would ideally have to dial 8171 or login to the Prime Minister’s Labour Portal so as to find eligibility by entering their ID card number on the portal.

How to register


In order to avail the benefits, the individual has to login to the website and click on Ration Registration. Then, the applicant has to fill in basic information like full name, identity card number and number of family members.

The applicant has to then fill in address, district, tehsil and mobile number for the authorities to reach out to the applicant.

Note: in case one does not receive the ration after 4 days of registration, then one can inform by sending a message to 4471.

In this way, people can avail rashan through ehsaas program to sustain themselves and their families, without having to battle starvation.

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