The Police force, most definitely, is one of the most underrated services in our country. While they deserve a tonne of support and praise, they barely manage to have a proper office or facilities to do their jobs properly. 

In order to resuscitate the dignity, reputation, and efficiency of the police force in the state of Assam, the Assam state government has launched the Assam Moitri Scheme – a police precinct welfare scheme that will work towards creating a Police station for the people’s service. 

The Assam Moitri scheme 2021 

In the state of Assam, around 55 police stations have been reconstructed into fancy buildings with small creche, separate corners for women and juvenile queries, a swanky lounge space with a sofa and all of this has been established under the budgetary confines of a citizen-friendly project. 

The Mission for Overall Improvement of Thana for Responsive Image (MOITRI) is a project which was initiated by the state government in the year 2016. Since then, the Assam Moitri scheme has become a model for the construction or reconstruction of police stations as they are shouldered with the responsibility of promoting the more humane side of the khaki-clad personnel. 

Changes made to police stations under the implementation of the Moitri Scheme

55 police stations across the state of Assam have so far been reconstructed. Each police station now has a cyber room and a workstation. Police stations now also have counselling room for drug addicts and juveniles. These upgraded stations also have specially designed toilets for disabled citizens. 

The living accommodation – barrack and the toilet facilities – for police personnel is now placed as far as possible from the station areas which happen to be frequently visited by the general public. 

Salient features of the Assam Moitri Scheme

The most important feature of the Assam Moitri scheme are as follows: 

  • The scheme will focus on improving the physical conditions of various police stations.
  • The scheme will enable citizens to get the benefits of the services at respective police thanas through digitalisation.
  • Under the scheme, the government will provide basic facilities like reception and waiting for lounge, video-conference system, separate cells for entrances of women and children, toilets, adequate drinking water, higher boundary walls, internet connectivity, basic tools for cybercrime detection, etc.
  • The primary focus is to make these police stations citizen-friendly.
  • Under the implementation of the scheme, 346 police stations will be covered in the next 5 years.
  • In the first phase of the implementation of the scheme, the government will cover 73 thanas with a total outlay of ₹125 crores. The state government will spend roughly ₹2 crores at each police station.
  • The government will transform police stations into centres for public services Delivery system. 

Summing it up

Sprucing up police stations will make police stations appear a lot less intimidating to the general public so that they can reach out to the police for necessary intervention as and when necessary. 

Police should be seen as a force for the betterment of the people, and the Moitra scheme works towards making that happen all the more. 

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