The world has been reeling from the aftereffects of a pandemic nobody saw coming. And while industries are recuperating, there still seems to be an issue of unemployment, that is turning out to be too difficult to brush off. With millions of youngsters idling through their days without a job, the economy of the nation is, by and large, suffering.

To counter the issues rising due to unemployment, the West Bengal government is introducing a new scheme titled the WB Karma Sathi Prakalpa scheme 2021.

About the scheme

The WB Karma Sathi Prakalpa scheme 2021 will aim to provide loans to 1 lakh unemployed youths every year so that they can aim and aspire to venture into startups. This not only addresses unemployment issues but also opens up avenues for the economy of the nation to get on a reparative track.

According to the scheme, the WB Karma Sathi Prakalpa will be offering soft loans for three years. To aid the implementation of the scheme, a total of three new civil service academies will be set up in Kolkata, Durgapur, and Siliguri.

What is the objective of the WB Karma Prakalpa Scheme?

  1. The new scheme launched by the Karma Sathi Prakalpa was launched by the Bengal Government. Under the implementation of the scheme, a soft loan will be offered to the youth which will help them work towards endeavours aiming to make them self-reliant.
  2. Owing to the success of the scheme, the unemployment rate in West Bengal has fallen over the months.
  3. While the unemployment rate in India skyrocketed to an all-time high of 24%, the unemployment rate in Bengal, in contrast, reduced by 40%.

How to apply for the scheme online?

In order to apply for the scheme online, here are the steps mentioned:

  1. Visit the official website of the WB Karma Sathi Prakalpa scheme
  2. On the homepage, there will be an “Apply Now” button. Click on the Login tab and click on the “Register” link.
  3. The applicant is then expected to enter the necessary details and upload the documents that verify the information provided.
  4. The applicant is finally expected to click on the submit button for the final submission of the application.

Necessary documents needed for the Karma Sathi Prakalpa

  • Passport size photos
  • Aadhaar card
  • Address proof
  • 10th or 12th marksheet
  • Educational certificate
  • Voter ID card
  • Copy of the SC/ST/OBC/Minority/Differently abled certificate if applicable
  • The project report

In conclusion

With the implementation of the scheme, the youth in WB have a chance to redeem their careers. They not only get to be productive, but they get to be their own boss. By cultivating a culture of self-reliance, the government of West Bengal is inspiring youth to pursue their dreams and eventually put India on the radar for being a developed economy in the long run. This scheme holds the potential to wipe the ills of the lockdown.

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