For a developing economy, start-ups are just the icing on the cake. With the turn of the 21st Century, India has churned out several start-ups that have grown out to be multinational companies and have established branches across the world. Such promising undertakings only prove the potential of dreams and how far they can take one if only one believes in them. Today, we will be discussing Startup Manipur – a scheme launched by the Manipur government

Over the years, the government of India has encouraged more people to invest in their ideas of a start-up. There seems to be no doubt why India is now being counted as one of the top countries that offer maximum ease-of-doing-business factor.

Manipur, a state that has proved time and again of the infinite potential it holds, has started to come on the radar when it comes to churning out amazing start-ups. The State government of Manipur, in the light of the potential the state holds, has launched the Startup Manipur scheme – a supportive scheme that enables and encourages more startups in the state.

The Startup Manipur scheme

Under the implementation of the scheme, the State government will essentially provide incentives for ideas, prototype development and promotion and commercialization solutions. This will largely benefit budding startups which usually find themselves in situations that can be demotivating.

To prevent that from happening, the State government intervention will go a long way. This Manipur Startup scheme will offer funds to women startups, student startups, idea based startups and revenue-based startups. Based on the category one’s startup falls into, interested candidates can apply for funds online through the official website:

Objectives of the Startup Manipur Scheme

In order to strengthen the startup culture in the state, certain objectives have to be met. These objectives listed in the Manipur state government agendas are mentioned herewith:

  1. To enhance the startup culture in the state by fostering a greater social acceptance and acknowledging the promise startups bring about. This would be done through strategic investment, policy interventions and several other such programmes.
  2. Encourage and inspire the youth of Manipur to actively consider entrepreneurship as a career choice. This would be achieved through development programmes in vocational institutions and supporting outreach programmes, interactions with entrepreneurs
  3. Supporting and strengthening existing business incubators and accelerators in the state of Manipur
  4. Encouraging the setting up of business mechanisms through training and skill development, capacity building, networking, access to knowledge and support services
  5. Providing appropriate infrastructural support needed to enable the startup to be fully functional and reap profits in the future in a systematic fashion

How to register for the scheme?

In order to register, follow these steps

Startup Manipur
  • Click on “New” for registrations. After that a registration form will show as shown here:
Startup Manipur
  • Enter the mobile number, e-mail ID and click on “Register” button to complete the Startup Manipur Online registration form process

Startup Manipur scheme will create a Startup ecosystem in the state and it will essentially offer the necessary resources and platform for startups to flourish in the state.

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