Lately, the importance of healthcare has really taken center stage, all around the world. Governments across the globe have decided to pay more attention to healthcare, considering how neglecting it can have devastating effects in the long run, and how a single virus is all it takes to bring the world to a standstill. 

Paying heed to the need for improving healthcare facilities offered to the people, the government of Odisha has launched the Anmol Yojana and the Ama Clinic Yojana to offer better healthcare services in the state. 

About the scheme

The Ama clinics have been set up in the state to provide additional health care facilities in urban areas whereas the Anmol Yojana is created to provide tablet computers to Auxillary Nurse-midwives (ANMs). 

Together, these two yojanas will provide the latest and best quality healthcare services to the people of Odisha. 

Under the implementation of the Ama clinic yojana, the state government of Odisha will provide services like special consultations in obstetrics, gynaecology, paediatrics, medicine, etc to benefit around 45 lakh people in the urban areas. On the other hand, the Anmol Yojana will provide Anmol tablet computers to ANMs so as to equip them with the latest gadgets so that they can better monitor the real-time services offered to patients. 

Features of the Ama Clinic Yojana:

  • It is created to ensure better health care services offered to the people in the state, especially for the economically backward people in the urban areas. 
  • The main objective of the scheme is to reduce the number of deaths that are occurring due to ineffective and insufficient health care services offered to the people. 
  • This scheme will work towards reducing the Infant Mortality rate (IMR) and Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) across the state. 
  • This scheme will provide benefits to around 45 lakh people across 27 towns of urban areas. 
  • The Odisha government will provide several services under this scheme like eye care, nutritionist, gynaecology, family planning, ophthalmology, etc. 

Features of the Anmol Yojana:

  • As mentioned, this scheme will offer tablet computers to ANMs.
  • Accordingly, the ANMs will receive free Anmol Tablet computers.
  • Henceforth, this scheme is to encourage ANMs towards proper discharge of their duties and to raise the standard of healthcare offered.
  • Using this equipment will drastically improve the quality of healthcare offered and monitor real-time services to those who need it. 

Summing it up

Healthcare has never been more crucial ever before. While humanity has had its fair share of medical calamities, we are supposed to learn from it and make healthcare a formidable sector that is infallible in the face of epidemics and pandemics alike. 

The Odisha state government, through the implementation of these schemes, ensures that the people will now have better healthcare and will not flinch before reaching out to authorities for healthcare. Healthcare is supposed to be welcoming, not daunting, and this scheme works towards changing that perception. It works towards making good quality healthcare accessible to all.

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